Family Ties

Since 1986, SRVS Kids has provided family-centered services.  We are excited to expand those services to include the Family Ties program.  Family Ties was founded in 2021 to provide extra support to all families that receive services with SRVS Kids. The program strives to build community and provide information and resources to all families and children from birth to 14 years of age.

Family Ties brings families that have similar needs and concerns together both in person and virtually. Through sharing ideas, discussing problems and celebrating achievements, we build a supportive and engaged community.

Educational workshops and a library of resources equip families with the knowledge necessary to advocate for their children. 

Family Ties is available to answer questions and help solve problems as they arise. Support is available individually as well as in small group settings.     

To get involved in Family Ties, please contact our Family Advocate, Allie Byrne, at