Featured Job Seekers

At work, it’s what people can do that matters. Everyone contributes to the workplace with unique abilities and experiences. That includes many of the nearly 50 million Americans with disabilities. Your organization can help advance the employment of people with disabilities and achieve your business objectives. If you have a lead for these job seekers, contact Stephanie Potter at SRVS Community Employment Services, 901-869-9205, and let her tell you more about the power of inclusion in the workplace. 

Here are a group of people supported by SRVS who’d like to contribute to the success of  a workplace:

Jerrell Coxen

Jerrell would really like to work in a restaurant. In fact, he specifically mentioned Subway or the Marriott! He would like to clean, especially wash dishes. Jerrell is a kind, quiet young man and he would really prefer working in a smaller, quieter environment. If you need an employee that will be a dedicated worker who has a great smile and wonderful disposition, then Jerrell is the one for you!  

Tammy Thompson

Tammy loves warehouse work! Tammy just loves to work! In her words, "I love learning new things!" Tammy has great reading skills and loved her assessment of picking and filling orders to be loaded on the truck for vending machines. At her other assessment site she excelled at folding linens, putting them on the shelves and arranging dishes and glassware in the store. If you need an employee that pays attention to detail, asks for instruction if she's not clear, and loves learning new things, then Tammy is the one for you! 

Sonji Orr

Sonji wants to work in the community. She doesn't have a specific industry that she'd like to work in, but doing a good job is important to her. She listens to instructions and with a little practice is able to complete tasks on her own. Sonji loves to work and keep busy. 

Walter Frederick

Walter likes to be helpful. He'd prefer to work indoors. He wants a job that's 20-30 hours a week and wouldn't mind working on Saturdays.  He loves writing names and phone numbers in a book he keeps. To compensate for some of his reading limitations, he can use colors of products to match up for stocking. Disassembling cardboard boxes is a task he enjoys doing. 

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