Mario's Story

Helping a Hero Inspire Others

In the fall of 1997, Mario was playing football for Millington Central High School when he sustained a spinal cord injury which left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  He was 15 years old, yet the experience left him undefeated in life.  After his  hospitalization, Mario joined the Family Support program in 2005 which has provided him with a ramp into his home, a pivot lift, personal assistance and home maker services, funding for transportation, and respite care for his mother, his primary caretaker. 

The program also modified his bathroom, shower and van to it wheelchair accessible and adapted the controls of the van so he can take himself to doctor’s appointments, the gym for therapy and work outs.

 “The program has been a blessing to me over the years; it changes people’s lives.”  

Mario has been on a mission to share his blessings in life.  He formed an organization for youth with after school programs, is a volunteer coach for the Grandview Heights Middle School  football and track teams, a mentor at Youth Villages, a real estate investor, motivational speaker and had a book written about his life called Brothers: The Mario Reed Story. 

“Mario has come a long way,” says Family Support Coordinator Michelle Harris.  “He inspires others.  I’m glad we have been there to help him on his journey to becoming a life coach for others.”

The Family Support program assisted 400 families during the fiscal year, held its first Carrabbas Restaurant fundraiser, hosted several local and state council meetings, participated in networking events and fairs and increased its presence in the media through interviews on radio and television, newspaper advertisements and a newsletter which reaches 1,500 people.  

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