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SRVS enters binding letter of intent to affiliate with Inperium, Inc

MEMPHIS, Tenn., -- Shelby Residential & Vocational Services (SRVS), Tennessee’s largest provider of services for people with disabilities, has entered a binding letter of intent to affiliate with Inperium, Inc. Through this affiliation, Inperium, Inc. will become SRVS’ new parent company. The partnership will begin fall 2022.

Inperium, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based organization consisting of non-profit agencies and for-profit companies that provides person-centered, health-related supports and other business services to the organizations it aids. Inperium assists organizations by fostering quality services, financial diversity and continuity of care by maximizing all of its collective resources.

SRVS Executive Director Tyler Hampton said the SRVS name, mission, impact and local presence will remain the same. Day-to-day operations at SRVS also will not be affected.

“This affiliation between SRVS and Inperium is an important next step in continuing and expanding the mission we have pursued for the past 60 years: to provide the services that people with disabilities need to live meaningful lives as members of their community,” Hampton said.

Discussing this latest transaction, Inperium Chief Executive Ryan Smith commented, “The transaction with SRVS was our third so far this calendar year, and each of these enabled Inperium to enter a new state. Our pipeline of new affiliation opportunities remains robust, and I anticipate accelerated activity as we continue to expand the depth and breadth of services available to people in need through the Inperium Constellation.”

SRVS also will directly benefit from this affiliation in several ways, including cost savings, greater access to capital, and access to stronger back-office platforms.

Posted by SRVS PR at 08:37
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