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SRVS Receives Christopher Reeve Grant to Support Equine Therapy


SRVS has received a $5,950.00 grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to increase the number of people supported by SRVS benefiting from equine therapy. The grant makes the therapy accessible and affordable to more individuals with paralysis.

In 2015, SRVS partnered with Southern Reins, a Nesbit, MS equine therapy provider, to give people supported by the agency access to equine therapy. The Therapeutic Riding lessons  strengthen participants bodies,  increase their community outings and  opportunities for socialization by exposing them to an array of volunteers each week, teaching a new skill, improving fitness goals, bolstering confidence, and increasing a sense of joy.

However, many people supported by SRVS were missing out on this opportunity. Only those who were able to afford the class fees and travel with ease --were able to participate in the equine therapy program.  With funding from the Christopher Reeve Foundation, 12-15 individuals with paralysis can participate regularly in equine therapy throughout two 10-week sessions.

Horseback riding has shown to improve strength, balance, and coordination while increasing a person’s self-confidence and sense of enjoyment.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.


Posted by SRVS PR at 11:26 AM
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