Pam's Story

Cutting Edge Curriculum Enhancing Skills, Self-Esteem

Pam came to SRVS after graduating from the Avon-Lenox School.  Now 44 years old, she will soon be celebrating a 20 year history with SRVS.  She has seen many changes over the years, both in the support services she has received from SRVS and in herself. 

Since the opening of the new SRVS Learning Center, Pam has increased her academic and home living skills with the introduction of a Montessori curriculum.  Her mom, Joyce Finley, has witnessed the positive changes in Pam’s life. “The learning center is a great place for Pam to learn skills to help herself, her family, and fit into society,” says Finley.  “Knowing she is in a safe learning environment makes it easier for me to go to work.”

Pam has learned several life skills including making a bed and setting a table, which were goals outlined in her Individual Support Plan. She transferred those skills to home life and in the process, gained a sense of self-worth, independence and confidence. 

"Knowing she is in a safe learning environment makes it easier for me to go to work."

Others have noticed a change in Pam including her behavior analysts and Montessori aids. “The Montessori approach has allowed Pam more choices, a variety of activities, and the opportunity to become more sociable and engaged,” says SRVS Learning Center Director Carol Branch.  

SRVS Learning Center includes eleven Montessori classrooms and ancillary rooms such as a teaching kitchen, model apartment and sensory room, designed to provide a cutting edge curriculum for adults with disabilities.  During the fiscal year, more than 96 individuals attended the center and participated in community activities.  With a new facility, staff focused on building community partnerships to advance its programs and established a volunteer program, partnership with Volunteer Odyssey, Friday Fun Days, created a newsletter, obtained iPads for use in the computer room and throughout the center, and introduced nutrition classes organized by Tennessee State University instructors. Dance and movement classes were taught by Howard Pheelgood. 

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