Rebecca's Story

Home Life Provides Nurturing Environment

More than 25 years ago, Rebecca came to live in a SRVS home when she was nine years old and her family could no longer take care of her, especially living so far away.  SRVS staff eventually became Rebecca’s family. They helped with her behaviors, provided counseling and life-long learning opportunities.  They encouraged her throughout her schooling and were there to see her high school graduation from Avon-Lenox School.  They also helped her learn to care for herself as a woman.  She continues to be surrounded by staff who support her interests in becoming a mature and an independent young lady.   

“SRVS staff, in essence, helped raise Rebecca.  We’ve been there to help her grow up and learn what it is to be a smart and valued woman,” says Community Living Director Felecia Robinson.  “She cares deeply about her SRVS family and her two roommates.” 

“SRVS staff, in essence, helped raise Rebecca.”

Arriving at SRVS at an early age contributed to Rebecca’s fierce independence.  She enjoys getting out into the community, going to movies, swimming, bowling, going to church, participating in the Special Olympics, modeling, having her hair styled and nails painted, singing  and dancing.  She also attends SRVS Learning Center where she enjoys music classes and interactive learning using new technologies like an iPad and SMART board.

SRVS supports more than 80 homes in the community, from supported homes of 2-3 people, to semi-independent living arrangements and eight critical care Intermediate Care Facility homes. Direct support professionals (DSPs) assist the residents with daily living activities and ensure their safety and comfort.  During the fiscal year, staff supported 202 individuals, and increased community participation through SRVS Ambassador Club partnerships with MIFA, the Harvest Program, Starbucks and Chipotle.  George Martin won the Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO) Individual of the Year Award and Wendy Saulsberry won the Outstanding DSP of the Year.  The program reorganized staff to provide greater medical oversight by creating Community Life Managers, Intensive Case Managers and Community Life Quality Coordinators; QIDP mangers and RN Area Managers expanded their supervision over home staff and LPNs.

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