Therapy Services

The SRVS Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic welcomes children and youth from birth through 14 years of age. Our pediatric clinic is a kid-friendly environment where everyone is welcome. We provide space to move and grow in our sensorimotor gym, as well as individual treatment rooms with parent observation windows. Our highly-trained pediatric therapists offer a variety of therapy services and programs – including physical, occupational, speech, feeding and behavior therapies and more! Services are provided in our inclusive preschool, your child’s home or school, or our pediatric clinics in Cordova and Memphis.

When a child first is referred to SRVS Kids for therapy, an evaluation may be conducted to identify strengths and areas of improvement in order to establish the appropriate goals and treatment plan. Pediatric therapeutic exercises typically take the form of structured play activities in order to work on specific goals and reach developmental milestones in a fun and interactive way. Children learn best through play and our play-based team approach maintains your child’s attention and motivation throughout the therapy session. Our treatment plan for each child also includes a Home Program to ensure carryover in a variety of everyday environments.

The SRVS Kids therapy team works closely with the teachers at our inclusive preschool, Play, Do, Learn. However, children through 14 years of age who do not attend our inclusive preschool program are always welcomed and encouraged to benefit from the comprehensive services offered by SRVS Kids.

Payment options

SRVS Kids in as "in network" providers and vendor for the following for physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapy: 

SRVS Kids is an "in network" provider for the following Behavior Therapy Services:

We also offer Private Pay options for evaluations, individual and group therapy. Please call Lisa Beal at 901-312-9915 for any billing questions.