Who We Are


SRVS exists to provide the services that people with disabilities need to live meaningful lives as members of their communities. 

SRVS is a non-profit agency whose belief is that each individual deserves the same opportunities as people without disabilities. In spite of the varying disabilities the individuals may have, SRVS believes that each person has his or her own dreams and desires and the potential to fulfill them given the proper supports.

SRVS makes every effort to involve our supported individuals and their family members in all aspects of the agency’s programs. Individuals are given choices about the types of services they desire and are placed in the setting that will best suit their needs. They are also encouraged to explore options within their community that previously may not have been available to them. In addition to fulfilling the needs of the individuals supported, a variety of methods are used to contribute to the development of community resources and to increase awareness within the community about disabilities.

SRVS participates in various associations to impact the acceptance that individuals with disabilities have within the community. SRVS is a United Way partner agency and a member of Tennessee Community Organization (TNCO). It is an ongoing goal to improve existing services and increase awareness of the need for better funding to provide additional services. SRVS works with other community agencies to fulfill the needs of individuals who may desire a service that cannot be provided by SRVS.